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Are you looking for an app to help document all your medical records for your loved one or yourself? You have found it!

CARE Concierge app allows you to key in your daily vitals, medication, activities and medical conditions so you can track your health with just a few clicks.

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Caregiving made easy.

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Finding a Caregiver

Let us help you to take care of your loved one. You are not alone. 🙂

Our Values & Mission

Caregiving for everyone

Everyone deserves to have good health. By making health record keeping convenient, we are creating a new way for you to be taken care of, at anytime. 

What you eat or do daily affects your health

It’s hard to keep track of your daily activities and have a good look on how you have been for the past week, month or years. Let us track that for you!

Preventive Care is Key

It’s not too late to start caring for you and your loved ones now. Prevention is better than cure. Make each day count by making the right decisions and to maintain good health all along. 


What We Do

We keep track of your health and daily activities by making record-keeping easy and convenient. All you need to do is use the digital diary daily and upload any kinds of medical record. The app is a place where you can safely store your documents and also receive services that are related to giving you the best care.


Want your parents to be taken care of while you’re out? We provide daycare, nursing homes and home care services to make sure your parents get the best kind of care in anytime of the day.

Palliative CARE

Overwhelmed and burnt out from giving care to your loved ones? Let us help you out so that you can take a short break.


Afraid that your parents might be bored staying at home alone? Bring them to our activity centre and once they’re done spending quality time with their friends, you can come and bring them home again.

Nursing Skills

Want to learn how to take care of a patient or a loved one? Check out our caeregiving training courses. We offer physical and online training.

Medical CARE Supplies

Not sure which equipments or supplies to get for your loved one while on a medical condition? Get in touch with our staffs to understand morel.

Professional CARE

Caregiving requires special skillsets that involve medical knowledge and patience. Rest assure our caregivers are equipped with the right skill sets and mindset to give care to your loved ones.


Highly Trained Caregivers

Caregivers will be carefully selected to match your needs and they will carry out their duties with the help of the CARE Concierge app that allows you to view your loved one’s diary.

Meet Our Caregivers


Active CARE

Staying active and healthy is our lifelong goal. Let us do this together so that when challenges arise, we can face them together as well. Join us at our activity centre to stay motivated with a community who cares about you.

For Myself

Are you planning for your retirement? Click ‘interested’ to know more about our retirement plans!


We provide various care services such as: post-hospitalisation, recovery, retirement, eldercare and homecare. Let us know what you need and we will get you connected to our team of professionals!

Daycare for Elders

Let your elders and parents gather at our activity centre to continue learning! We welcome all senior and non-senior citizens to our centres to start a new chapter of fun together!


Activities & Programs



Arts & Crafts

Community Work

Leisure & Fun

Excursions & Travel

Cafe & Dining

What is included for the Residents living at The Mansion?

At The Mansion, we provide the following for our residents:


– Daily meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

– Morning exercise

– Leisure activities of their own choice (Painting, gardening, book reading, watching tv, board games, flower arrangements)

Is this an island resort?

Our homes are designed to have a resort-feel and environment that are specially designed for the well-being of our residents. The architecture elements are inspired by Bali resorts and modern homes that are elderly friendly.


May I know what are the areas that we need to assess the nurses or the staffing ? Any important points to remember



Between the environment and facilities …. in your professional advice which would be more important to take into account?



Whats is the care giver ratio to seniors?



Are there any health assessment done on the resident before he/she is excepted to the community?



Are the common facilities such as activity room, lounge room, library, music room, etc. common across all levels of care? Or would each level of care have access to their own common faciltiies?



If there is an emergency happen to the resident in the home, would there be an immediately medical response on the spot



From Our Residents

The CARE team has always been with me throughout the days where my father was hospitalised. Now that he is fully recovered, he joins the activity centre at KomuneCARE to stay connected with his ‘kakis’ and to have a good time. 

Madam Ling

Growing old is inevitable but maintaining good relationships with the CARE pros and having my health in place is what matters most to me. Thank you CARE Concierge team who never fails to motivate me.


Martin & Justin

Martin & Justin


We care about you and your loved ones, that is why we created MY CARE Concierge to provide a wholesome caring experience to make caregiving more accessible to all.

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