10 Things To Do (Indoor) for this coming Christmas holiday

1.    Decorate a Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is commonly use as sign of celebrating Christmas with many lights and the bright star on the top. These decorations make the house seems beautiful and colorful, as symbols that represents happiness of Christmas.

2.    Have a movie marathon

For some people who like to spend their time at home or don’t have any plans for Christmas day, no worries, you can spend your holiday by having movie marathon or series. Buy some popcorn and treat yourself well with some extra facial sessions, too.

3.    Make handmade gifts and exchange them with friends.

Invite your friends and make handmade gifts together. It will be fun because it puts your creativity in place. What’s more meaningful than to have a friend who’ve prepared a thoughtful gift for you in advance?

4.    Cleaning the house together

Maybe it sounds common for you to hear this, but, it’s good for the whole family to help with the cleaning of the house together. Especially with kids around, it teaches the younger ones how to be organised and to clean up their own space after using it.

5.    Play games and have fun together

There are many games that can do in home, it can be with your family, friends, or relatives. Play games and do some fun things together to create special memories.

6.    Bake cookies together and make Christmas cakes

Invite family and friends over for a BYOCC (bring your own cookie cutters) holiday baking party. Kids love pressing out the shapes and decorating (and over-decorating) the finished cookies. Make it easy by starting with pre-made dough, or picking a versatile dough recipe that serves as a foundation for a variety of different holiday treats. Either way, just make sure you’re fully-stocked on icing and sprinkles!

7.    Take a family picture harmoniously

Whether using pajamas or formal clothes or spot of your taking picture is not that important, but the moment. By taking family picture for every year, you can see how your family growth and what’s changing from the past to present.

8.    Have a Christmas Eve party

There’s a lot of types of party to celebrate Christmas and fun as well, such as Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay, Candy Canes, Christmas find out who and so on. This party also can reconnect each friends and closer as well.

9.    Make a Christmas wish

As Christmas is happen is the end of year, mostly people will have wishes for a better of next year like healthy, happiness, fortune, and many more.

10.  Have a good quality time

“The more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality.” Spending time as a family is associated with a sense of belonging and it enhances communication, particularly with children, who have higher academic performances and are less likely to have behavioural problems.

8 Things To Do outdoor during this Christmas holiday

  1. Visiting house (family, friends, relatives)

The purpose of visiting any friends, relatives, and family members are to reconnect and get gather again which is not happen for everyday or every time. This moment is really important need to do continuously to make closer and connect each other.  So use the moment that you have as well.

2.      Go shopping

Buy new dress, shoes, and other stuff are usually do by people during Christmas day. Buying these stuff are part of celebrating Christmas, so on the day of celebration all people look handsome/pretty/great.

3. Plan a holiday/trip

Take a break from tired of a year work/activity is everyone’s needed. Go for trip like a week is useful to refresh mind and enjoy life for a bit. A lot of destinations that we can go during christmas, especially in christmas time, the season that come up is winter. For some countries that don’t have this season can go to countries with this season and play with the real snow.

4. Celebrating Christmas in Church

For Christians, usually during christmas eve and christmas day, day spend they time on church. They worship and pray to God, that feel grateful that Jesus was born to Earth so save humans from their sin.

5. Having a dinner/date

Having dinner with whole family in restaurant is also nice idea to gather and spend time together. Eating and talking are part of quality time that hard do, because each person have their own activity and busy too.

6. Distribute food on the street

One day before Christmas you can prepare for the food like snacks, noodle, or any food you want to distribute then put into plastic bags and tie them up with beautiful strips. Then go to a poor neighborhood or places where you normally see people living on the streets and present one bag to every family. By doing this, you let them make a little celebration of Christmas with their dear ones.

7. Go for glorious food (Food travel)

As always, there is no shortage of food for the festive season, and those seeking traditional meals for Christmas Day and Christmas Eve will be spoilt for choice, as nearly every hotel will be laying on a special buffet or set menu featuring many of the classic favourites. This is a great option for those with children or a large party – everyone is catered for and no one has to wash up!

For something more intimate, many restaurants have set dinners for Christmas Day and New Year’s eve, and most showcase their in-house specialities rather than festive traditions, so contact your favourite eatery and see what they have going on or check out our dining promos page.

If you want to enjoy a meal at home but the prospect of cooking a turkey fills you with fear, many hotels and restaurants offer take-away turkeys that are ready-roasted and often come with all the side dishes and desserts you could want. Just make sure you place your order early.

8. Enjoying the Chill

There are some who, having hailed from colder climates, don’t feel quite right without some chill at Christmas. While shopping malls may be cold enough for many, you can further get a proper sense of wintry fun by taking the family ice skating over the holidays.