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What You Get by Enrolling

Get the right design to attract your customers.

One to One Consultation

If you are facing serious problems about your current website or apps, you can sign up for our 1-to-1 private consultation.

Video Tutorials

Watch and review the tools and tips to get things done.


We will conduct 2 webinars every month to answer all your questions that you have.

New Monthly Content

Learn the latest trends and technology to help you design better.


Join our Telegram group to keep in touch and learn from each other.

Create Together

The best practice is to do. By doing, you will know what works and what doesn’t.

Become an expert

Learn how to design better and transform your business ideas that generate sales.


All you need to know about Teng’s classes

What outcome can I expect?

You will be able to understand how to conduct thorough research for your clients and design a quality web/app according to your customers’ needs.

How do I make sure this is a course I want to attend?

If you like to care about your customers and want to learn how to serve them better, this course is for you. We focus on graphics, designs, research and how to make sure your web/app works for both you and your clients.

Do you offer consultation?

Yes. I provide consultation to help your company solve the current problems that you face with your website or app through a better design.

How do I book the course?

Please email directly to [email protected] to secure your time and slot.

What do I need to prepare in advance?

Beginner: You will need your laptop, notepad and a pen.
Advanced: You will need to download Sketch App or Adobe XD on your laptop.
Masterclass: You will need to have Sketch App or Adobe XD, Zeplin, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

How can I implement the ideas I have without coding?

At the beginning, you won’t need to build anything through coding. All you need is just a clickable prototype and market validation. If your prototype works and have been validated, then only, you will need a programmer to start the coding process for you. There is no point coding a website without knowing if anyone is interested in your product in the first palce.


Are you new to this industry? If yes, this is the course for you. Learn what are the essential things you need to know before stepping into the industry and equip yourself with good design sense.


Are you a graphic designer who have experience in designing but not sure how effective your designs are? If yes, this is the course for you. Here you will learn how to make sure your designs reach the targeted audience and produce the effects that you anticipate for your clients.

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