1.    Decorate a Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is commonly use as sign of celebrating Christmas with many lights and the bright star on the top. Besides, other decoration that used hand in door, or stuck in the wall. These decorations make the house seems beautiful and colorful, as symbol that happiness of people for Christmas time.

2.    Have a movie marathon

For some people that like to spend their time at home or don’t have any plan for Christmas day, no worries, you can spend your holiday by watching movie marathon or series. Buy a popcorn and watch movie make you seem not bored and have a refreshing mind from daily life.

3.    Make a handmade gift and exchange with friends.

Invite your friends and make the home made gift there. It will be fun because it takes out your creativity based on the stuff that provide. It can be part of challenge or games as well. After everyone done with the gift, let’s exchange each other and see what’s inside.

4.    Cleaning the house together

Maybe it sounds common for you to hear this, but, it’s good for whole family helping to clean the house together. Especially kids, so they can understand how hard adult organize their things after they play. Also, doing this is fun thing and it’s make whole family more gather and closer.

5.    Play games and have fun together

There are many games that can do in home, it can be with your family, friends, or relatives. Play games and do some fun together is good to do because this moment is not happen for everyday, so by doing this, you can keep it in mind as part of your special moment in your life.

6.    Bake cookies together and make Christmas cakes

Invite family and friends over for a BYOCC (bring your own cookie cutters) holiday baking party. Kids love pressing out the shapes and decorating (and over-decorating) the finished cookies. Make it easy by starting with pre-made dough, or picking a versatile dough recipe that serves as a foundation for a variety of different holiday treats. Either way, just make sure you’re fully-stocked on icing and sprinkles!

7.    Take a family picture harmoniously

Whether using pajamas or formal clothes or spot of your taking picture is not that important, but the moment. By taking family picture for every year, you can see how your family growth and what’s changing from the past to present.

8.    Have a Christmas Eve party

There’s a lot of types of party to celebrate Christmas and fun as well, such as Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay, Candy Canes, Christmas find out who and so on. This party also can reconnect each friends and closer as well.

9.    Make a Christmas wish

As Christmas is happen is the end of year, mostly people will have wishes for a better of next year like healthy, happiness, fortune, and many more.

10.  Have a good quality time

“The more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality.” Spending time as a family is associated with a sense of belonging and it enhances communication, particularly with children, who have higher academic performances and are less likely to have behavioural problems.